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Krista Carpenter

Manager/Co-Founder, Fictional Entity
Krista Carpenter has more than fifteen years experience in the entertainment industry having worked proficiently in both Los Angeles and Australia. In late 2016, she co-founded, with partner Chris Deckard, the management/production company Fictional Entity. Together, they have developed an international clientele that includes writers, directors, actors, and producers.

Fictional Entity’s clients have been named to The Black List, The Hit List, The Young & Hungry List, The Blood List and been lauded by the PAGE Awards, The Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Awards, the AWG, ADG, SPA, and AACTA. Her clients have written, directed, starred, and produced in numerous formats, including features, TV, virtual reality, and podcasts, independently and with studios and networks.

Carpenter worked at Screenwest in Western Australia from 2012-2015. As Director Development and Development Manager she worked to advance the state’s Indigenous, digital, scripted and unscripted film and television industry through more than 30 programs and hundreds of grants annually. Carpenter created and spearheaded many innovative funds, pioneered new internships for local talent, provided creative analysis on materials submitted to the agency and worked closely with the filmmakers throughout development.

Prior to moving to Australia, Ms. Carpenter was VP Feature Development for Producer Gary Foster at Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment (The Soloist, When In Rome, Community), which had a first look deal with Paramount Pictures.