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Andrew Veeder

Creative Executive, Scripted, Stage 13
Andrew is a Creative Executive at Stage 13, developing and producing scripted content with an emphasis on trying to tell fresh and different stories from emerging talent, including the Emmy-nominated “Special” on Netflix. The product of a naval father and artist mother, he moved around a lot as a kid, but was always drawn to the arts, be it abstract expressionism, books, the cinema, concept albums, or sketch comedy. Andrew fell in love with filmmaking at a 1989 special effects exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and fell in love with storytelling from a childhood full of “The Animaniacs,” “Ghostbusters,” Indiana Jones, Monty Python, “Murphy Brown,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “The X-Files.”

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2004, Andrew vowed to never live in winter ever again and moved to Los Angeles that autumn. Since then, he has worked for photographers, productions, agents, directors, executives, line producers, writing producers, and monsters; he has worked on the shows “Awkward,” “CHUCK,” and “The 100;” and he has worked as a director, DJ, editor, producer, and writer. When he’s not reading or watching all of the things, Andrew can be found digging for vinyl records around the world and playing them, eating tacos, sipping tea, standing in the back of dark live music venues, and walking the earth.