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Liz Prugh

Pure Fandom
Founder, Editorial Director
Liz is founder and owner of LP2 Entertainment, a company that creates positive, innovative, community-based platforms for creative thinkers. LP2 is a platform for bloggers, writers, artists, and creatives alike. LP2 encourages and supports all forms of creativity.


-Was a leading and founding contributor for Entertainment Weekly's blog, The Community: http://community.ew.com/author/teamtsd/. LP2 was a part of the first wave of social influencers invited to launch the blog.
-Liz was promoted to author for EW.com, recapping sci-fi/fantasy, supernatural, and crime TV shows.
-Currently manage a team of regular contributors across the globe on PureFandom.com
-Produce, edit, publish content on purefandom.com: coverage of T.V. series, featured articles, news relevant to site content for site subscribers and 22K+ social followers
-Web personality through articles, videos, podcasts and featured at Comic-Cons across the country as a host and moderator (Wizard World, Walker Stalker, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest)

-Liz has been a sci-fi/fantasy entertainment journalist and screenwriter since 2012. She co-launched a blog on supernatural TV series in 2012, now pop culture website PureFandom.com, which was noticed by Entertainment Weekly (see above). Liz currently serves as Founder and Editorial Director at Pure Fandom.
-Liz wrote, directed, and produced her first film for Cartridge Thunder Productions' horror-anthology series, Tales from Burger Town, in summer 2018. The film had screenings in Chicago and Indianapolis.
-She is always working on screenplays, entering contests and programs year-round.
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