Christy Sinha

Hear Between Your Lines
Writer and Script Consultant
Houston, TX
“hear between your lines”
Read the words
And the spaces
I hear things
In different places
Go to ‘recess’ with me!
I’m good at ‘word-play’
Or I can help ‘spell it out’.

Can you ‘handle change’?
Let’s ‘flip’ and find out
I ‘coin’ myself as ‘talent’ed
And I write what I think
It’s my 6th ‘cents*’
I’m ‘out of my mind’
Working with letters
Words and rhyme
Like a dance party
Inside the mind

Answer Key
Talent - Old way to measure money, aka a talent-weight of gold or of silver.
*this word is connected 4 different ways in context
Cents: money
Sense: body’s 5 senses (smell, touch, etc)
Sense: making sense aka opposite of confusing
“The 6th Sense” Movie 1999
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